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Why Homeli?


From washing whites to suits, duvet, beddings, jeans and more, Homeli charges a flat fee per month for an allocated number of washes.



Overnight dry cleaning and laundry delivery. Your clean clothes will arrive 24 hours after pick-up. Fresh laundry faster than you can imagine



You can order online conveniently. With Homeli, you can request for a launder online and receive your clean clothes at your door step.

Clean Clothes Have Never Been This Easy!

how our service works:

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Create an account on Homeli free to begin using our superb laundry services.

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Easily request for a pickup and we’ll send a launder right over very quickly.

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We use premium materials, technologies and guarantee treatment with care.

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Homeli charges zero pickup/delivery fees. We deliver clean and fresh in 24 hours.

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I live and work in Benin. I know that my family deserves the best. It was easy for me using Homeli to get my mum off washing - let my mum rest jare. She has been washing all her life


I must recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues. I loved how well the laundry turned out to be. You guys rock


I am a student at UNILAG. Everything about your service is cool: from pricing and efficient customer support to various services. Thank you!


Current delivery capacity per month
Cities covered
Cups of coffee every night 🙂
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Laundry Made Simple For The Millennial

Launching March 1st, pre order now to start with Homeli
30 clothes
Student Plan

  • 30 washes
  • Beddings/duvet – no
  • Suits/towels – no

N500030 days
30 washes
Pro Plan

  • 30 washes
  • Suits/towels – yes
  • Beddings/duvet – no

N1000030 days
30 items
Family Plan

  • Beddings – yes
  • Duvet – yes
  • Curtains – yes
  • Clothes & suits – no

N3000030 days

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